The Rewrite Cancer Innovation Challenge Official Rules and Regulations

No purchase or payment necessary to enter or to win. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Void where prohibited.

The sponsor of the Rewrite Cancer Innovation Challenge (the “Challenge”) is Hoffmann-La Roche Limited, 7070 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON L5N 5M8, Canada (“Sponsor”)

The administrator of the Challenge is Proof Strategies, 33 Bloor Street East, Suite 900, Toronto, ON L5M 6E4, Canada (“Administrator”)

Challenge Description
The Rewrite Cancer Innovation Challenge is designed to facilitate and encourage collaboration among those invested in furthering cancer care. Interested parties are invited to create teams and develop a proposal for an innovative solution to the given Challenge statement. Submissions are evaluated by the Rewrite Cancer Steering committee of oncology experts (“Steering committee”). Up to four (4) winners, one (1) per submission category, may be selected. By participating in the Challenge, each individual who is a member of a team unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply and abide by these Official Rules and Regulations, and the decisions of Sponsor, Administrator, and/or Steering committee (as applicable), which shall be final and binding in all respects.

The Challenge is open only to teams of at least two (2) members, where all members are legal residents of any Canadian province/territory and must have reached the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence (“Team”). Individual members may only be part of one Team. Each Team must elect one (1) Team leader to correspond with the Sponsor and Administrator. Teams must represent or be part of a legal entity that is either: (a) a healthcare organization (hospital, clinic, laboratory, research institution, foundation, managed care organization, university or other teaching institution or learned society, etc.) or (b) another healthcare related entity (patient organization, registered charity, professional congress organizer, etc.). Roche reserves the right to determine whether a team represents a healthcare organization or healthcare related entity.

Small organizations of fewer than 10 healthcare professionals (e.g. private physician offices, private group practices, small private hospitals) are not eligible winners unless proof of funding from at least one other company is provided. Individuals are not eligible winners.

Employees of Sponsor, Administrator, or each of their affiliates, and/or any other individual or entity associated with the development, evaluation or administration of the Challenge as well as members of such persons’ immediate families (spouses, children, siblings, parents), and persons living in the same household of such persons, whether or not related, are not eligible to participate in the Challenge. Notwithstanding the foregoing and for clarity, individuals who are employees of the same organization as a Steering committee member are eligible to participate in the Challenge. Anyone who attempts to defraud or in any way tamper with the Challenge will be ineligible.

Healthcare professionals may not participate in the Challenge where his or her participation would be a violation of his or her professional code of ethics or where he or she has been sanctioned, suspended, excluded, or otherwise declared ineligible by any health authority or professional governing body.

Team members are ineligible to participate in the Challenge where participation would violate any rules, laws or the terms of any other agreement previously entered into between the member and any third party including but not limited to the institute, hospital or university at which he or she may be active.

How to Enter
The opportunity to register and submit proposals for the Challenge begins March 1, 12:00 A.M. Eastern Time and ends May 25, 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time. To enter, Teams must go to (“Rewrite Cancer website”), register for the Challenge and fill out all required Submission Form text fields to submit their proposal/s (“Submission) in accordance with all terms and conditions specified in these Official Rules and Regulations and on the Rewrite Cancer website.

Submissions must:

(a) address the evaluation criteria outlined on the Rewrite Cancer website;

(b) fit into one of four categories and identify the category of the Submission, namely:

  • Patient Disease Awareness and Education (activity or resource focused on increasing awareness of disease and/or education among patients, or the general public)
  • Patient Support (tool or service that could assist patients in navigating their cancer experience)
  • Health Policy (proposed changes to current regulations and best practices that could improve the delivery of care to patients)
  • Medical Education (additional learning opportunities, whether in the form of classes, seminars or tools, for healthcare professionals in the oncology community to help them better care for patients);

(c) align to one or more oncology disease areas;

(d) include the Team name, Team leader’s name and email address, Team member/s’ names and email addresses, city and company, institution or organization the Team represents. Each Submission may also include up to two (2) supplementary files, such as photos (supported formats are PNG and JPG up to a maximum file size of 10MB per photo) and videos (supported format is MP4 up to a maximum file size of 1GB). Teams may only submit one (1) Submission per given category. Each Submission made to each category must be unique and original, and the same Submission may not be made to more than one category. Submissions that are not original compositions by the Team, illegal, defamatory, obscene, contain nudity or profanity, or that discriminate based on the grounds set out in Human Rights codes or other applicable legislation will not be eligible, determined at the sole discretion of the Sponsor or the Administrator.

Once a Submission is made, a Team is prohibited from making any changes or alterations to the solution described in its Submission until the evaluation of entries is completed. Teams may withdraw their Submission at any time prior to selection of Winners, thereby forfeiting any rights to any benefits that may be received to support the development and implementation of their Submission; however the Team Submission will not be withdrawn as a whole unless all Team members identified in the Submission agree to such withdrawal.

Submissions must be received by May 25 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time (“Submission Deadline”). No new submissions will be accepted once the Submission Deadline has passed. Administrator is the official timekeeper for the Challenge.

All registration information and materials, including any copy of the Submission submitted to Sponsor, become the physical property of Sponsor and will not be acknowledged or returned. Proof of submission is not considered proof of delivery to or receipt of such Submission. Furthermore, Sponsor and Administrator shall have no liability for any Submission that is lost, intercepted or not received by Sponsor and/or Administrator. Sponsor and Administrator assume no liability or responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, theft, or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, Submissions.

Each Team will be able to ask the Steering committee up to two questions to help guide the development of their Submission. Questions can be submitted via email to [email protected] until April 5 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time at which point questions will be compiled and shared with the Steering committee. The Steering committee will then review and answer each question. All questions and answers will be shared with all registered Teams in the form of a single document by April 19 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time. In the event that a Team registers after the deadline to submit questions has passed, that Team will also receive the compiled document.

Winner Selection/Evaluation Criteria
The Administrator will screen all Submissions for eligibility into the Challenge. Eligible Submissions will then be evaluated by the Steering committee based on the following equally weighted criteria:

  1. Demonstrates innovative thinking that benefits patients and promotes collaboration between healthcare and / or academic institutions to address the Challenge statement – 5 points
  2. Clearly outlined proposal with evidence of a well thought out design, e.g. approach, executional considerations, resources, etc. – 5 points
  3. Robust consideration of key milestone activities and estimated timelines for achieving each milestone – 5 points
  4. Includes methods of measuring impact/outcome, with a plan for optimizing or applying learnings – 5 points
  5. Validates feasibility and broad applicability – 5 points

Total — 25 points

Each eligible Submission will be given a score (the “Score”) out of 25 points by the Steering committee based on the evaluation criteria outlined above. A threshold score of 17 points must be achieved by a Submission in order to be considered a top eligible Submission. In the event that no Submission within a category reaches this threshold score, as determined by the Steering committee in their sole and absolute discretion on the basis of the evaluation criteria, then the benefit allocated to that category will not be awarded.

In addition to the Score, the Steering committee will also rank each eligible submission (the “Rank) based on how well it meets the evaluation criteria and how well it addresses the Challenge statement.

Odds of being selected as an eligible winner depend on the number and caliber of eligible Submissions submitted and received in accordance with these Official Rules and Regulations. The eligible Teams associated with the top eligible Submissions based on Score and Rank (as determined by the Steering committee, in their sole and absolute discretion) in each Category will each be selected as an eligible winner. In the event of an exact tie based on all criteria, a new panel of judges will be appointed by the Sponsor to break the tie in accordance with the preceding procedure. Judging is scheduled to be completed in late August. FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF ANY DOUBT, THERE WILL BE ONLY ONE (1) WINNER IN EACH CATEGORY, FOR A MAXIMUM TOTAL OF FOUR (4) WINNERS. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER WILL THERE BE MORE THAN FOUR (4) WINNERS. If for any reason whatsoever, fewer than four (4) eligible Submissions are received in accordance with these Official Rules and Regulations, then there will be fewer than four (4) winners.

Winning submissions will be evaluated for alignment with Roche’s funding policy, recipient eligibility and adherence to business principles including compliance with both Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) code and Roche’s business principles. Roche Canada reserves the right to deny benefit to submissions not in accordance with the above.

Notice to Winners
Attempts to notify potential winners will be made using the contact information provided on the winners’ Submission. Sponsor and Administrator are not responsible for e-mail or other communication problems of any kind. If, despite reasonable efforts, a potential winner does not respond within five (5) days of the first notification attempt (or a shorter time as exigencies may require), or if the notification is returned as unclaimed or undelivered to such potential winner, such potential winner will forfeit his or her title and an alternate winner may be selected. If any potential winner is found to be ineligible, or if he or she has not complied with these Official Rules and Regulations, or declines, if any, the applicable benefit prior to award, such potential winner will be disqualified and an alternate winner may be selected. Sponsor may successively attempt to contact up to two (2) potential winners in accordance with such procedure, and if there is still no confirmed winner after such attempts have been made, if any, the applicable benefit may go unawarded at the sole discretion of the Sponsor.

NO ONE IS A WINNER UNLESS AND UNTIL THE SPONSOR OFFICIALLY CONFIRMS HIM/HER AS A WINNER IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE OFFICIAL RULES AND REGULATIONS. BEFORE BEING DECLARED AS A CONFIRMED WINNER, each individual associated with an eligible winning Team will be required to sign and return within 30 business days of notification a Benefit Agreement, described in the “Limitations” section below. If the winning Team: (a) cannot accept (or is unwilling to accept) the Benefit Agreement; and/or (b) is determined to be in violation of these Official Rules and Regulations (all as determined by the Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion); then such Team will be disqualified (and will forfeit all rights to the Benefit) and the Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion and time permitting, to select an alternate eligible winning Team in accordance with these Official Rules and Regulations (in which case the foregoing provisions of this section shall apply to the newly selected eligible winning Team).

Sponsor may disclose the details of the Challenge and these Official Rules and Regulations, and any payment or transfer of value, including, if applicable, any benefits, by Sponsor or Administrator to a potential winner, to a governmental body to comply with applicable transparency laws, rules or regulations. Such details may include, but may not be limited to, potential winning Team members’ names, contact state and description of payment or transfer of value.

Benefits to Winners
Winners will be identified and recognized on the Rewrite Cancer website as long as the site and program are running. Each of the winning Teams will also receive a benefit of funds and/ or in-kind services to help the winning Team advance the proposal outlined in the applicable winning Submission, which may include:

  • Consultation and partnership with Sponsor’s policy experts
  • In-kind translation
  • Consultation and partnership with Sponsor’s IT experts
  • Support in creating relevant measurement and evaluation frameworks and tools
  • Funding for the development of related tools and/or other support material
  • Consultation and partnership with advocacy groups
  • Consultation and partnership with medical education experts

The type of benefit to be received by each Winner will be determined by the Sponsor in consultation with the Winners, however the final determination of the benefit elements is at the Sponsor’s sole and absolute discretion.

Representation and Warranty
By entering the Challenge, each Team represents and warrants as follows: (a) Team holds sufficient intellectual property rights to submit their Submission, free and clear of any encumbrances; (b) Team is eligible to participate in the Challenge in accordance to the eligibility criteria set forth in these Official Rules and Regulations; (c) the Submission is not the subject of any actual or threatened litigation or claim; (d) the Submission does not and will not violate or infringe upon the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or other legal rights of any third party; (e) the Submission does not and will not contain any harmful computer code (sometimes referred to as “malware,” “viruses” or “worms”); and (f) the Submission, and Team’s use of the Submission, does not and will not violate any applicable laws or regulations. If the Submission includes any third party works (such as third party content or open source code), Team must be able to provide, upon Sponsor and/or Administrator’s request, all appropriate licenses and releases for such third party works. In the event Team cannot provide all required licenses and releases, Sponsor reserves the right, in Sponsor’s sole discretion, to disqualify the applicable Submission, or seek to secure the licenses and releases for Sponsor’s benefit and allow the applicable Submission to remain in the Challenge. Each individual who is a member of a Team will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Sponsor and Administrator from and against all third party claims, actions, or proceedings of any kind and from any and all damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses relating to or arising from Team’s Submission or any breach or alleged breach of any of the representations, warranties, and covenants of Team hereunder. Sponsor and/or Administrator reserves the right to disqualify any Submission that Sponsor and/or Administrator, in its sole discretion, deems to violate these Official Rules and Regulations.

Submission Licence
Each Team retains title and full ownership in and to their Submission. However, by participating in the Challenge, each Team hereby irrevocably grants to Sponsor a limited, non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide, irrevocable license and right to use the Submission and derivative of the Submission to the extent necessary to administer the Challenge, and to publicly perform and publicly display the Submission and any derivative of the Submission, including, without limitation, for advertising and promotional purposes relating to the Challenge.

Sponsor Intellectual Property Rights
Sponsor retains title and full ownership to all Intellectual Property Rights which: (a) were lawfully possessed by the Sponsor prior to receiving a Submission from a Team; and/or (b) are or have been independently developed by employees, consultants or agents of the Sponsor. Teams acknowledge that the Sponsor may be independently developing concepts or applications similar or identical in nature to the Submission or elements of the Submission and that Team agrees that it has no claims to such Intellectual Property Rights. “Intellectual Property Rights” means all copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, patent rights, Know-How and any and all other intellectual property or proprietary rights now known or hereafter recognized in any jurisdiction. “Know-How” means any invention, discovery, development, data, information, process, method, technique, technology, result, or other know-how, whether or not patentable, and any embodiments of any of the foregoing. For the avoidance of any doubt, your Submission (and each individual component thereof) shall not be deemed to be confidential.

Any potential winner will be required to complete a benefit acceptance package (“Benefit Agreement”) which, among other things, may include an agreement setting out certain rights and obligations applicable to supported project. Any potentially winning project is also subject to applicable federal, provincial or local laws, as well as corporate policies and industry codes applicable to the Sponsor.

The Challenge is subject to these Regulations and all applicable federal, provincial and local laws. Any potential winner is solely responsible for any and all applicable taxes associated with the Benefit. Neither the Sponsor nor the Administrator is responsible for delay in Benefit delivery.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the following general conditions apply to each Benefit: (i) Benefit must be accepted as awarded and is not transferable, assignable or convertible to cash (except as may be specifically permitted by Sponsor in its sole discretion); (ii) no substitutions are permitted except at Sponsor’s option; (iii) if any part or parts(s) of a Benefit is/are not utilized, then any such part(s) not utilized may be forfeited in their entirety and, if forfeited nothing will be substituted in their place; (iv) Sponsor reserves the right at any time to place reasonable restrictions on the availability or use of a Benefit or any component thereof; and (v) any decisions with regards to the payment schedule of the Benefit will be determined by Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion.

Dates and Deadlines
Due to the unique nature of the Challenge, Sponsor and Administrator reserve the right, in addition to other rights reserved herein, to modify any dates or deadlines set forth in these Official Rules and Regulations or otherwise governing the Challenge

Right of First Negotiation
Each Team hereby grants Sponsor an exclusive Right of First Negotiation to acquire rights in any Submission or work product or invention arising out of the Challenge (“Right of First Negotiation”). If Sponsor chooses to exercise this Right of First Negotiation, Sponsor will notify the Team in writing of Sponsor’s desire to negotiate with Team, and the Team will exclusively negotiate terms in good faith with Sponsor for a period of at least thirty (30) days after the Team’s receipt of Sponsor’s notice. If no agreement has been reached after the expiration of the thirty (30) days, then the Team may negotiate with third parties without further obligation of exclusivity to Sponsor.

Privacy; Publicity Release
By participating in the Challenge, in addition to any other grants granted herein or which may be granted in any other agreement entered into between Sponsor and/or Administrator, on the one hand, and any Team or Team member in the Challenge, on the other hand, each hereby irrevocably (a) grants to Sponsor and Administrator the right to use such Team members’ names, likeness, images, and biographical information in any and all media for any purpose, including, without limitation, advertising and promotional purposes relating to the Challenge and (b) releases Sponsor and Administrator from any liability with respect thereto. No Team may use the name or logo of Sponsor in any publicity related to a Submission or any product resulting from a Submission without the prior express written consent of Sponsor. Team agrees to obtain such permission and consents as may be required from Team members for the purpose of giving effect to this paragraph.

Otherwise, the Sponsor respects any potential winner’s right to privacy and will only use the personal information provided as described herein and otherwise as required to conduct the Challenge, unless consent to further use is given. The Rewrite Cancer Innovation Challenge privacy policy is available at

General Liability Release
Each individual who is a member of a Team agrees that Sponsor and Administrator (a) shall not be responsible or liable for any losses, damages, or injuries of any kind (including death) resulting from participation in the Challenge or any Challenge-related activity, or from Team’s acceptance, receipt, possession, use, or misuse of any benefit, and (b) have not made any warranty, representation, or guarantee, express or implied, in fact or in law, with respect to any benefit, including, without limitation, regarding such benefit’s merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Each individual who is a member of a Team will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Sponsor and Administrator from and against all third party claims, actions, or proceedings of any kind and from any and all damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses relating to or arising from a Team’s participation in the Challenge. Sponsor and Administrator assumes no responsibility for any damage to a Team member’s computer system or other device which is occasioned by accessing the Rewrite Cancer Website or other Challenge-related websites or participating in the Challenge, or for any computer system, phone line, hardware, software, or program malfunctions, or other errors, failures, delayed computer transmissions, or network connections that are human or technical in nature. Sponsor and Administrator each reserve the right in their sole discretion to disqualify any individual who is found to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Challenge or Website or other Challenge-related websites, to be acting in violation of these Official Rules and Regulations, or to be acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with the intent to disrupt or undermine the legitimate operation of the Challenge, or to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other person, and Sponsor and Administrator each reserve the right to seek damages and other remedies from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law.

In the event an insufficient number of eligible Submissions are received or Sponsor and/or Administrator is prevented from awarding the benefits or continuing with the Challenge as contemplated herein by any event beyond its control, Sponsor and/or Administrator shall have the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Challenge.

These Official Rules and Regulations cannot be modified or amended in any way except in a written document issued in accordance with the law by a duly authorized representative of both Sponsor and Administrator. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these Official Rules and Regulations shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision. In the event that any provision is determined to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable or illegal, these Official Rules shall otherwise remain in effect and shall be construed in accordance with their terms as if the invalid or illegal provision were not contained herein.

The Challenge will be governed by and construed in accordance with Ontario law. Team members irrevocable agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario sitting in Toronto for the purposes of any disputes that may arise from these Official Rules and Regulations.