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There are moments in every cancer story that deserve critical thinking and a chance to be rewritten. We need minds like yours to inspire, innovate and create change for a better future for cancer care.

How would you Rewrite your Cancer story?

There are moments throughout each cancer journey that need innovating and are best told by those who have experienced these challenges first-hand.

Was there a moment in your cancer experience that could be improved? Help us identify the challenges that could become part of the Rewrite Cancer Innovation Challenge.

Your story could change the future of cancer. *

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Stories inspire. Learn about people making a difference in cancer through scientific discovery and caring for patients on the front lines. Their stories could spark your next great idea and lead to improvements in the cancer experience.

Cancer in Canada

Cancer starts in our cells. Our cells follow specific orders on how and when to grow, work, reproduce and die, but when cancer develops, it breaks down this orderly process. Old or damaged cells stay in the system while new cells reproduce without stopping. This sometimes results in abnormal growths called tumours.

Cancer can start anywhere in the body and, as it progresses, can metastasize or spread to other parts of the body.

In Canada, about one in two people will develop cancer in their lifetime and about one in four will die from the disease. However, there are patients who continue to live with cancer and face the everyday challenges of their diagnosis.

Imagine what we could achieve if people from across Canada came together to solve a single common challenge in the cancer journey. We could help rewrite that moment for future patients.


“To see that it might be possible to apply what we have learned about the immune system to cancer, and then being presented the opportunity of moving to one of the best places to do drug discovery – I don’t know if it was a moral obligation, but it certainly was a motivating force for me.”

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Time to rally your network. The more minds we bring together, the more impact we can have. Let’s Rewrite Cancer, together.